by Mouth Washington

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released February 8, 2011

Zach Hansen - Drums, Vocals
Max Hansen - Vocals, Guitar
Rob Garey - Bass
Recorded and Mixed by Ron Harrity at Forest City



all rights reserved


Mouth Washington Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Seven Children
I've had seven children
I don't remember their names
I've had a lot of surgery
I don't want no brain

If this is all this is all there is
That's not really so bad
But if this is all i am

I will become a building
I want to swallow a plane
I will become these railroad tracks
I will derail every last one of these trains

Seven children that I wish I could remember
Track Name: Dirty Cops
I hope my heart turns up
If it hasn't turned to dust
I threw it down a slip and slide
Right before we had to run and hide from the cops

I was much smaller then
My voice was higher when
I tried to read out out loud
My mother was so proud of phonics

You keep saying it'll be better
Once we get together but
It's never better than when we're apart
Let's stay away from each other forever
Track Name: Polite Police
I am polite to the priest
When I am down on my knees

You say it's not as bad as I think
"If you can't quit your bleeding hold it over the sink"

I want to fight or fuck
I want to fuck the police
Never did no good for nobody I know
They never brought no peace

If they want a piece of me I will be right where they want me
If I can't quite my bleeding then I will be over the sink

It's not as bad as I made it out to be
If only I could see what's in front of me
Track Name: Rats Cats Dogs
A rat dog a cat dog
A two faced bastard god
The other day he betrayed me
I just sat and I said nothing

Underneath all of this brick
There's a map leading to this prick
I am high on aluminum
I feel safe and now I also feel dumb

I'm a bad person and all I do are bad things
Anyone hurts if you need a reason I'm a good one to blame

Up there in those trees
there\s a man counting his babies
Wouldn't want one to go missing
That'd be his death almost no definitely
Track Name: Old Addictions
We skip breakfast
We skip lunch
We can go just hungry enough
Until dinner and everything changes
We stuff our fat fucking faces
Old addictions have stuck their hands through
Through me and right back into you
I've made a whole lot of new friends
I'm sad to say they're mostly pretend
Old addictions have stuck their hands through
Through the soil in front of your grave
I know nows not the best time to try and be brave
But you should be saved and I should behave
Track Name: Twenty Twenty
I am twenty twenty
I am bat blind
I know there's probably plenty
I know that'll I never find
I turned twenty one
I still cannot see no thing
I'm sure they're probably hurting
But I feel no pain

But if I know my baseball cards
I guarantee that he hits real hard
My favorite rock in my favorite front yard
Turned out to be my favorite stool in my favorite bar

Shit's not the same as it was
Track Name: What're You Sipping On?
Every trash can I walk by
I try to throw my rubbish in it
But there's a man standing in it
And he's digging for bottles

Every track that I walk down
There's always bums sleeping on them
Say they're waiting for the train to come
And they aren't budging

One question
What're you sipping on?
Track Name: Wretched Rabbits
Talk amongst yourselves as you were
All the shit you say that comes out of your mouth
I never heard one word of it
You made a voodoo doll of me
It really worked and my god it still hurts
My neck hasn't been the same
It doesn't turn left nowadays
I cannot see what's in front of me

Which one of us is really wretched?
You shoved her down until she died and I
I just waited till I really needed to breathe
I just waited and I waited
Track Name: Dead Doctors
To get butterflies inside
You've got to swallow them first
"When can I see her?"
What I said to that god forsaken nurse
I'm standing in the hall
I'm staring at the wall
I'm clutching and clinging on to her (purse)

Dead as dead can be
The doctor told me
I can't believe and I won't believe him
Until I see your dead body
Lying in the grave lying in the dirt I dug for you
I need a drink or more time to think
Inhale exhale

One thing that you always told me
Was exactly how you would die
Since that's not how it happen then
I guess that means you lied

That's bollocks
I found it
My god he showed it
Now I'm on my out
My god showed me this way out
Track Name: Aunt
My daddy he don't love me
For who I love
Moved into a motel
Right by that old emerson
Moved into my brother's home
He's got a lovely wife he's got two sons
Said I could babysit his kids
If I try to find my own money

I want my own money
Not no welfare
Not no goddamn charity

Checked into his room
Put his key to the door
Put a gun to his head
His body hit the floor
Nothing was said
Nobody thought nothing at all
You all kept it shut
Trying not to spoil it for me

You wouldn't make this kind of shit up
You wouldn't do that to me

Things are looking up
I'm in a new building
My heats included
I can really call it my own
I met a new woman
But she's married
At least I met a new woman
Her man won't have it
He wants his children
Now he wants to sue me too

At the hearing he
Points it at the judge and the jury
His lawyer and my lawyer too
Points it at his wife and kids
And every last one of you
Looks me into my eyes
"You're going to live with this until the day you die"