Dont Mean

by Mouth Washington

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released March 17, 2015

Zach Hansen
Max Hansen
Ian Gierhan
Sam Landry

Recorded at New System Laundry with Mike Cunnane
Additional vocals by Sterling Black and Jordan Berube



all rights reserved


Mouth Washington Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Picture Person Plane
I found a picture of a person coming off of a plane
although he wasn't famous it still felt the same
as if he was
I've never been on one myself and I know I never will
I can't walk I decided to stand still
when the time came we read his will out loud
it said give it all to my lovely wife Jill
I've never met her and now I know I never will
she's dead now she's gone now but I'm sure she was nice and a good wife
death waits for one kind of man
he'll sit and listen with no scythe in his hands
you did die but I know you're not gone
because I can still hear you sing your song

I didn't mean to be friendly
I didn't mean to befriend the Dont Mean
You did die and I know we all do
just wish I knew how it happened to you
either way I bet it's not the way you would've wanted it
I bet it's not the way you had pictured it
the last picture that I got in my head
was the day before the day they found you
Track Name: Portal
must've picked you up from school
must've gotten there too soon
must've brought you to the mall
must've brought you in the stall with him

I'll show you a failure
lives at the top of the hill
let's turn around go back to town back home
turn this car into a portal

we'll put the windows and we'll put the locks down

do you remember when he got on one knee
do you remember when he looked right at me and said
he called me a sheriff
he gave me a badge just so I prove it

he said he trusted me but still
he kept the windows up and his locks down

I forgot how to deal with loss
I know no one knows how long it will go on
I don't know
we don't know
Track Name: Fake Funeral
we played fake funeral
before they got too old
they wanted to bury them young
before we got too attached to them

you can't call that an eye
it's just a hole where one might use to be
I can't call this a hive
because no bees means no honey

Lavender you were never there
I was living in a corner I moved into a black square
where I had learn to live and where I had grown up in
where I have grown

I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see
no he will grow

it never much mattered either which way
you're not the same but I am the one who changed you
it never much mattered any which way
you're not the same but what have I done to you
what have I done

no you will grow
no i will grow
Track Name: Seasonal
can't say that it's seasonal if it lasts all year
can't call it subliminal if it's crystal clear
you gave me one good thing
and then you took him away
the greatest thing that I made
you made your bed now lay

me oh me oh my
never though to ask you why
why wait
when there's nothing left here for me
Track Name: Sharp Tongue
how'm I look at your face
without seeing that place that you left him
without seeing that hole that you dug for him
I guess I'll crawl in there too
maybe you should too
but only if you feel like that what you need to do
I think you deserve to

won't have my name unless it's on his grave
won't have my face in the place that is his space now
won't have my name unless it's on his grave
won't have none of these things

he won't have nothing
now just the sight you
brings me to

I'll take my own advice from me
I'll do what I wish with it
I'll take my own advice from myself
I'll do what I was gonna do anyway
I'll take my own advice from me
I'll do what I wish with it
I'll take my own advice from myself
I'll do what I was gonna do all along
I'll make my own rock and roll
when you've got no where else to
no where to go
Track Name: Hamper
I spit when I talk
I hold a sign for a living
I am the son of a monkey suit man
I've just been typecast again

now wherever I go
I begin to hear that sound
so I go whiskey bent
so I go hell bound

could you keep that in the case
it's not similar it's exactly the same thing
could you let that cook kay
I've got eight fingers to point with no one to blame
because everyone knew what I used
I found a mirror in the bathroom but then
I found another mirror in the back of the bathroom

my kid sister had a kid
she wasn't sure what she did
so she kept it under lid
but then he got too big
it was obvious he'd grow
it was obvious that someday we would know
in two hours we'll go
into the hamper we will go

when you silver salted wood
under moonlight
begins to get too bright for my eyes
it was obvious he'd grow
and that we'd know
into the hamper he goes
we don't mean much of anything
into the hamper I go
"please dont mean"
was the last thing he said to me
and I now I believe

please don't mean